Grilled Chicken With Mushroom Soup

Mushroom cup slices
Farkha released
Noodles Indomie
2 cups broth
A generous cup
Condiments Indomie Spoon
Coriander love half a spoon
Cumin love half a spoon
Fennel love half a spoon
4 tablespoons oil
Spoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
-Put water in a bowl, add milk, Chinese pepper, Chinese
salt and white pepper.
-Break Indomie and boil them in water and set aside.
-Put the butter in the saucepan, mix with the flour and stir
for two minutes.
-Add milk and stir the mixture until it becomes a single
-Remove from the fire and leave to cool, then
add the Indomie, minced meat and stir carefully.
-Form the mixture into small balls, then dip the balls with egg, then in breadcrumbs, and so on.
-Deep fry over medium temperature then serve.